Our Grant Programs 2020 

This year we made $1,220,330 in grants.

Lifetime grants total $14,037,197!

We allocated grants through 4 different groups:

Main Grants Committee – 70 Members:

distributed $1,048,000 to 40 Agencies. We fund general operating expenses of 38 Agencies who meet our mission. Agencies are screened initially to ensure they meet our mission, are a 501(c)(3) and have audited financials. Then they are permitted to apply to our annual cycle which begins in October and ends in March. Each Agency and program is thoroughly analyzed and all are visited.

Marlynn Scully Strategic Grants Committee – 10 Members:

allocated $60,000 to 1 Agency. We fund start-ups, off cycle requests, collaboratives, and multi-agency collaborations. We assess requests year round. Generally, one time funding.


Scholarship Committee – 1 member:

$57,700 has been allocated for scholarships. There are three ways the JICSL supports Education - through Take Stock in Children, Academic Scholarships for children of John's Island Club Employees and Academic Scholarships for John's Island Club Employees. Our most recent program, Scholarships for John's Island Club Employees is the JICSL's way of saying "Thank You" to the employees who help make our stay at John's Island so wonderful.

Contingency Fund– Allocated by the Board as needed

On March 18, we sent $50,000 to the United Way COVID-19 Community Response Fund. The focus of this fund has been rent and utilities assistance, food access and distribution and diapers and formula. We gave an additional $200,000 to this fund in May 2020.  

See http://bit.ly/33sR3Wd

Grants Committee Members

If you are on the Grants Committee this year and need access to the JICSL Grants Committee Handbook or Agency applications for the sites you are visiting, click here.

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Sarah Jane Moore
sjmoore@cmjpartners.com or
Lynne Whipple

Grants Co-Chairs

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Hope Woodhouse

(with Marlynn Scully)


Strategic Chair

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Karen Drury

(with Patricia Arino)


Scholarship Chair